Victor Castell

Wed, Aug 10, 2016

Dkron is now Beta

After 1 year and 2 months, lots of bug fixes, lots of features, thousands of hours of production execution, several companies testing it Dkron enters Beta with the release of 0.9.x series.

Also a redesign of the official site that extends to the application dashboard reflect that new status.

In the coming months the plan is to continue working towards stability, fixing bugs and testing more and more in production environments. No big API changes will be introduced in 0.9, though some minor additions can happen, specially regarding job retries and status.

One of the big goals for the next quarter will be the focus on integrations, making it really useful for people to integrate Dkron in it’s existing ecosystems and programming languages.

Some of the Dkron 0.9 new features are:

  • Job chaining
  • One off jobs
  • Job retries
  • Long commands support
  • Job validation
  • Reload config in runtime.

Great times ahead, hope you find it useful!

Dkron Download from Github

Built with love from Barcelona.